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Kalkaska county is a rural Northern Michigan community. With ample State forests, Kalkaska is a hunting and fishing paradise. The community holds the annual National Trout Festival in April. In April, nearly everyone living in Northern Michigan has cabin fever and visits Kalkaska for the Trout Festival. Kalkaska shares a border with one of the hottest party spots, Torch Lake. In November Kalkaska County hosts one of the most popular mountain bike races in North America, the Iceman Cometh Challenge. A criminal defense lawyer in Kalkaska County understands the people of Kalkaska and the community’s unique beliefs. For example, the Kalkaska community has accepted and welcomed the new cannabis industry in Michigan, however, the Kalkaska Court are not as accepting.

Kalkaska county has also openly embraced the cannabis revolutions sweeping the United States. Unlike other Northern Michigan communities, Kalkaska has opened its doors to the new cannabis industry. “Kalkaska goes all-in on Marijuana,” and “Kalkaska: Marijuana Mecca.”

Similar to other rural counties, the Kalkaska court system doesn’t rely upon presentence reports prepared by probation officers. The court system is not large enough to support added court staff, such as probation officers. Instead, the Judges handle much of the sentencing investigations on their own, particularly in the 87-B District Court. Honorable Lynne M. Buday is one of the toughest judges in Northern Michigan. An experienced criminal defense lawyer in Kalkaska County can help someone facing intrusive court supervision.

Criminal Defense Attorney Fees in Kalkaska County

Criminal defense attorney fees vary depending on the nature of the charge. First, the higher the stacks for the client, the higher the fees. Felony charges by their very nature are capable of resulting in prison time for the client. These cases require the most care by a criminal defense attorney. No stone may go uncovered. Similarly, every pretrial motion should be filed on behalf of the client. Sentencing is also different between a felony and a misdemeanor. A circuit court judge rendering a felony sentence must follow the Michigan Sentencing Guidelines Manual. Most criminal defense attorneys will require over a thousand dollars to begin representation for one felony count. For a felony capable of prison time over 10 years, tens of thousands of dollars may be necessary to retain an attorney.

Misdemeanor charges, however, allow a criminal defense attorney more leeway to help the client. Misdemeanor cases are crimes capable of incarceration of one year or less. A flat fee contract or an hourly contract is normally used for misdemeanor criminal defense representation.

Matthew Benedict’s Criminal Defense Attorney Fees for Kalkaska County

I do not have an established fee schedule for felony representation. Normally I will listen to the client and quote the client an initial deposit and hourly contract. For misdemeanor representation, I normally use a hybrid flat-fee contract with additional money due based on what is needed to effectively represent the client. For example, I will charge an initial flat fee or base rate of $950.00. If the case requires a pretrial motion, I will charge an additional flat fee. My misdemeanor clients like this contract because if there is an acceptable plea bargain, the client will not have any other legal service fees beyond the base legal service fee. I provide the best combination of legal experience and affordable representation compared to any other criminal defense attorney in Kalkaska County.

Matthew Benedict’s experience in Kalkaska County

I have extensive misdemeanor criminal defense experience, I have practiced law since 2001, I have conducted over twenty-five jury trials, and have helped over 800 people with misdemeanor cases in Grand Traverse County. I also have experience in Kalkaska County before Honorable Lynne M. Buday. Judge Buday is both fair and tough with criminal defendants who do not follow her orders. The key to receiving leniency from Judge Buday is to be well-organized and prepared for sentencing.

Learn more about my Legal Experience at my Criminal Law Blog

I have written many blog articles about criminal law, including the unique aspects of a Domestic Violence charge, less-known criminal law defenses, such as the parental discipline defense and entrapment by estoppel, and the ins and outs of police officers searching cellphones. If there is any doubt about my passion for criminal law or my criminal law experience, please visit my criminal law blog here.

Other Legal Services I provide for Kalkaska County Residents

In addition to providing quality criminal defense representation, I also enjoy and work hard to remove the lasting stains from past criminal convictions. I help people in drug or alcohol recovery regain their driving privileges, this area of law is called driver’s license restoration. Multiple drunk driving convictions will cause the Michigan Secretary of State to revoke driving privileges for life. The driver’s license restoration process is complicated and difficult. Please visit my driver’s license restoration blog.

Another legal area of the law that I enjoy practicing is criminal conviction expungement. Nothing makes me happier than to help someone wash away forever a criminal conviction. Please read my page on criminal conviction expungement here. Most people do not know that after five years, a criminal conviction may be expunged. Removing a criminal conviction opens employment opportunities.

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Kalkaska County Courts

The Kalkaska County courts operate under a single name 46th Circuit Trial Court. Within the 46th Circuit Trial Court are three courts, 87B District Court, the 46th Circuit Court, and the Kalkaska County Probate Court.

A view of the Kalkaska County courthouse, where a criminal defense lawyer in Kalkaska County does their work.
46th Circuit Trial Courthouse

46th Circuit Trial Court, 605 N. Birch Street, Kalkaska, MI 49646

Kalkaska County Courthouse where criminal defense lawyers help their clients.
87b District Court Courthouse

Kalkaska County Police Department

Kalkaska County Sheriff Department and County Jail

Kalkaska County Sheriff’s Office

Kalkaska County Restaurants and Attractions

Trout Town Tavern & Eatery

All Seasons Resort & Hotel

Up North Grill

The Kaliseum
A special place for youth hockey