Form a Single Member LLC for Low Cost

A single-member LLC, Limited Liability Company, is the most popular small business organization.  This business organization offers the same benefits as a corporation, limited personal liability for the member/owner, with less formal operational requirements.  An LLC is ideal for an upstart company where the owner is very busy.  The amount of time and effort necessary to form a single-member LLC is far less than what most people expect.    

When an attorney forms a single-member LLC, the client receives something that no form website can provide, hands-on training for the client.  Limited liability protection for the member/owner of an LLC is not guaranteed.  When I form an LLC for a client, my clients know exactly how to run their business to ensure compliance with the Michigan Limited Liability Company Act, MCL 450.4101. 

There are many benefits associated with organizing your business as an LLC.  Ease of operation is a key benefit.  The last thing that a new business owner wants to worry about is corporate formalities, i.e. boards, officers, and shareholder meetings.  Flexibility is an important benefit associated with an LLC.  The Operating Agreement may be changed easily, allowing the business to change and grow over time.  The second benefit associated with an LLC is the mark of professionalism.  Any person may operate a business as a sole proprietorship with a DBA.  The LLC within a company name is a mark of professionalism.  And finally, there is the limited liability associated with a corporation.  This shield protects the member’s personal assets from unforeseen lawsuits.    Form a single-member LLC in Traverse City or all of Northern Michigan today. 

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Matt Benedict talking to client about forming an LLC company