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Services That I Perform

I am an attorney practicing in Northern Michigan. Below are buttons leading to some legal services I provide. The population in Northern Michigan is not large enough to allow proper specialization.  As a result, most attorneys provide a wide spectrum of legal services for their clients. The services highlighted below are areas of the law that I enjoy the most. Since 2001, I have practiced in a general practice law firm, which means I have experience in a wide range of legal areas. Beyond legal specialties, the core elements of what makes a good attorney originates from within the person. I am a detail-oriented person that works diligently to get things correct. I believe in being well prepared for court, and I believe in educating my clients about the law.

Below are links to my current advertised services. The list is by no means all-inclusive. I welcome all inquiries from people with legal problems. If can’t handle your legal issue, I will be able to refer you to a legal specialist.

Matt Benedict standing in courtroom dressed for court.
Matthew Benedict in the 13th Circuit Court.

Gun Rights Restitution

In the law, we call it a firearms disability, usually, someone is prohibited from owning a firearm or ammunition after a qualifying criminal conviction. The largest category of criminal convictions that trigger a firearms disability are a felony conviction and a conviction for domestic violence. There are two different firearms disabilities, State and Federal. Gun rights law is complicated and varies from State to State. Michigan permits a resident to petition the circuit court to restore a person’s gun rights. Please visit my blog to learn more about gun rights restoration.

Family Law

Family law includes divorce, child custody, and parenting time. Click the button to learn more.

Drunk Driving DUI

Drunk driving in Michigan, (Operating While Intoxicated), is probably the most class-neutral crime in the state. People from all different economic means are charged with this crime. Many times, the first sign of an addiction is a charge for drunk driving.

Dog Bite Law

One of the most common forms of Personal Injury law is Dog Bite Law. Without a doubt, citizens of Michigan are responsible for the harmful acts perpetrated by their dogs.

Expunge a Criminal Conviction

Criminal record expungement is currently undergoing large wholesale changes in the law. In a nutshell, a person that expunges their criminal convictions will likely experience a brighter economic future. In other words, this service will pay for itself in time.

Driver’s License Restoration

Driver’s License Restoration deals with restoring driving privileges. Loss of driving privileges in Michigan can occur for a number of different reasons. The most common cause of the loss of driving privileges is habitual drunk driving. Two convictions for a DUI within 7-years will cause the driver to lose their driving privileges for life, it’s called a revocation. Click the button to visit my driver’s license restoration page.

Criminal Defense

Criminal defense is the first area of law that I practiced. I was mentored by a retired 86th District Court Judge, Richard Benedict, my father.

Personal Protection Order (PPO)

Helping people with Personal Protection Orders PPOs is a cross between family law and criminal law. A large part of the PPO law requires an understanding of the criminal law for stalking. Furthermore, the typical court in Northern Michigan doesn’t permit a lot of time to prepare for a PPO hearing which requires parties to streamline their case and zero in on the most important facts.

Form A Single Member LLC

I love helping people start their dreams of small business ownership. I have compared this work to working in the maternity ward at a hospital. The process can be difficult, but in the end, most people are very, very happy.

Traffic Tickets

Under the right circumstances, you can fight a traffic ticket.