My mission is to help people to the best of my ability.

Has a young man, I found myself in trouble. My anxiety was high, my head was spinning with emotions, and I was frightened. I was blessed to meet a good attorney. I remember placing faith in this person to help me. Thankfully, this attorney was able to see through the haze and restore my hope. My experience with this attorney influenced my life and steered me into a career in law. I remind myself daily that I must strive to be a person, an attorney, that comforts and restores hope for my clients. I want to be the person that people suffering from legal problems turn to for guidance and aid. I want my clients to experience the relief and renewed hope that I felt many years ago. 

My mission is to restore self-esteem, revive confidence, and renew hope for my clients.

I have practiced law since 2001. Early in my career, I was blessed to work with a former District Court Judge. This man taught me about legal ethics and my obligation to serve beyond my self-interests. For many years, I labored tirelessly to aid the poor living among us. During this time, I developed a love and passion for litigation. I love all of it; from writing evidentiary motions to standing in front of jurors advocating for my client. My career has led me to many experiences in the law. I revived criminal clients from the humiliation of a wrongful arrest and prosecution. I have restored normalcy to families through child custody motions. I brought justice to those who were injured by the negligence of others. My clients have trusted me with the wrongful death of their loved ones.

Traverse City Attorney Matthew Benedict walking on Front Street
Attorney in the sun.
Attorney Matthew Benedict in 13th Circuit Court
Attorney Matthew Benedict in the 13th Circuit Court
Matthew Benedict in front of Robert P. Griffin Hall of Justice
Matthew Benedict Attorney standing in front of Robert P. Griffin Halls of Justice

 I practice law in Northern Michigan. I am not a rich pompous attorney surrounded by a lavish, expensive office. All an attorney needs to practice law today is an internet connection and a laptop computer. I believe in accommodating my clients, including late night appointments and at home meetings. Whatever it takes to make this process easier on my clients. I want your business and promise to treat every client with kindness and respect.