For qualified clients, a no retainer lawyer is available in Traverse City. I will not offer no-retainer contracts to everyone, rather only the people that demonstrate that they have a steady income and can make payments on time will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

No Retainer Criminal Defense Attorney

For misdemeanor charges only. Available for clients facing charges in Grand Traverse, Leelanua, Antrim, and Kalkaska counties. Under this contract, the client will have monthly payments for 6 months, a low-interest rate will be applied to the balance during the payment period. This contract will be ideal for a person with little or no criminal record or for the person that just wants an attorney with them to make sure they are treated fairly. Traverse City now has a no retainer lawyer with plenty of experience. Please visit my criminal law page here.

No Retainer Lawyer for Driver’s License Restoration

First, there will be an $80 consultation. If the client elects to hire me, the client will then be offered a flat fee contract or a payment contract for six months. Payment contracts do not apply to Circuit Court appeals. This is a contract that will allow people with low cash on hand to get their driver’s license back, and hopefully secure a new job. Take note that clients will be responsible for costs, including paying for professional drug and alcohol evaluation.

No Retainer Lawyer for Personal Protection Order Hearings

Personal Protection Order is a civil injunction designed to protect the Petitioner from the Respondent’s violent, harassing, intimidating behavior. No one plans for a PPO, they just fall in your lap, ready or not. On top of the spontaneous nature of a PPO, the time period is very short before a hearing in Court. Experienced representation can make a difference in a PPO hearing, and now there is a way to have an attorney represent you. Payment contracts will not be offered to people with no employment.

How To Get Started

Obtaining legal representation is not easy, often due to the high money required upfront. However, there are solutions available for people who don’t want to play lawyer for a day and represent themselves. First, look for a personal loan. Visit my blog post, “Loan for Legal Fees in Traverse City,” to learn how to secure a loan for quality legal representation. Second, if your legal problem falls within the three categories above, download and complete the form below. Once the long intake form is completed, call or email me, and we can schedule a phone interview. After the interview, I will let you know if we can proceed with a payment contract.