Automatic Expungement to restore firearm rights

Michigan Automatic Expungement and Gun Rights

I am pleased to announce that Michigan’s new automatic expungement is sufficient to restore firearm rights. Since the roll-out of Clean Slate, Michigan’s new expungement law, a couple of people contacted me regarding problems after their felony conviction was expunged. Serious problems like I still can’t buy a gun. Unfortunately, these people wouldn’t hire me to help them, so I never heard how things turn out after I gave them a couple of pointers. Furthermore, the ATF letter explaining a denial includes a statement indicating that not all expungements remove a firearm disability. For some time now I have been worried that the Biden Administration had pushed the issue, ran with the gray area in the law, and attacked the idea that Michigan’s conviction set-aside law was not good enough to remove a federal firearm disability. Recently a client hired me recently to determine if he still had a federal firearm disability. His felony conviction that trigger the federal firearm disability was set aside by Michigan’s new automatic expungement law. I gave him a couple of options to determine if the federal firearm disability was still active, one of which was to go try to buy a gun. My client completed the ATF 4473 form and was able to make a firearm purchase. This is good news. Automatic expungement in Michigan has been verified to remove a federal firearm disability.

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