Need Help Evaluating Restoring Your 2nd Amendment Rights In Michigan?

The Basics About Your 2nd Amendment Rights in Michigan

Restoring your 2nd Amendment rights in Michigan is becoming more difficult each day. That’s my honest opinion. There are two different ways to obtain a firearm disability, Michigan law and Federal Law. A firearm disability means that a person may be prosecuted for possession of a firearm.

I started helping people restore their firearm rights because of my youth and hunting. For many years, I would travel to the U.P. in the fall for the best hunting trip. My crew and I would bow hunt for whitetail deer in the morning, followed by bird hunting for partridge and woodcock, and finally an evening bow hunt for that monster U.P. buck. It didn’t take long for me to appreciate how hunting is more than a hobby, hunting represents heritage, family, and friends. I am motivated to help people restore that heritage that they lost so many years ago due to a criminal law conviction. Our 2nd Amendment rights in Michigan are the pathway to one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling activities available to a Michigan resident.

There is nothing simple about restoring firearm rights in Michigan. Two bodies of law must be considered, State law and Federal law. To restore firearm rights, a person must be familiar with Michigan and the Federal crimes of possession of a firearm by a prohibited person. MCL 750.244f, MCL 28.424, 18 USC 922(g). In addition, a person must have a working knowledge of NICS background checks and various appeals available. A person must possess knowledge of the different criminal histories made available by the Michigan State Police. Finally, a person needs a working knowledge of the applicable federal court decisions related to the 2nd Amendment and the available remedies under Federal law.

Too many people do not appreciate that laws change over time. This change occurs through court decisions, amendments, or new laws through the legislature and presidential administrations. Right now, the restoration 2nd Amendment Rights in Michigan is in a period of rapid change. The Michigan legislature has passed reforms to the state expungement laws and expanded the pool of prohibited persons. The Michigan legislature and governor have expanded the use of the federal NICS background system. The Biden administration through its proxy, the FBI, is aggressively denying firearm purchases through the NICS background system. The legal environment for firearm restoration rights has changed dramatically in four short years, the message boards related to restoring 2nd Amendment rights in Michigan are all stale and outdated.

For a fee, $300.00, I will review a person’s criminal history and provide an assessment, under these new conditions, and determine whether restoration of their 2nd Amendment Rights in Michigan is possible. I will also provide what I believe would be the proper path, state court or federal court, to remove a firearm disability. Success is not guaranteed. Some people can not restore their 2nd Amendment rights in Michigan. Furthermore, the removal of a firearm disability takes time, it can’t be accomplished in a month. I am offering clarity and peace of mind to all people frustrated by the contradictory information on the World Wide Web. The intent of this assessment is to be the first step toward removing a firearm disability. I will provide the client with a detailed list of questions, then make an assessment of whether restoration of the client’s 2nd Amendment rights is possible and provide the client with a plan for proceeding. In other words, this is the beginning of the process.

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