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Attorney Matthew Benedict wearing suit walking in downtown Traverse City.

Why Choose This Traverse City Attorney

I am a Traverse City Attorney dedicated to providing high-quality service without bankrupting my clients. I am a skilled criminal defense attorney, I have litigated over 25 trials before a jury. My family law clients appreciate my work because I spend time educating them on child custody law. Northern Michigan families have entrusted me with the legal matters related to their family member’s wrongful death. I believe in personal redemption and serve clients seeking to restore their driving privileges, restore their gun rights, and expunge their past criminal convictions. An attorney should take the time to get out of the office and conduct investigations. Litigation is won through the presentment of quality facts and evidence. An attorney should listen to their clients and answer all of their questions. In my opinion, there are no dumb questions and I encourage my clients to ask questions. A lawsuit is a stressful event. I take the time to help my clients endure the anxiety surrounding a lawsuit. Finally, I believe in keeping costs low and passing on the savings to my clients.  My business is open for phone calls 24 hours a day.  I work out of my home and meet clients at a Traverse City address. I am a true Traverse City Attorney, born and raised in Traverse City with a complete understanding of how Northern Michigan residents see the world and live.

What Can This Traverse City Attorney Do For You 

I can help you and your family with child custody/parenting time issues; criminal matters, and restoring hope through the restoration of driving privileges, gun rights, and expungement of past criminal convictions. Please visit my services page to see all the various legal fields that I may help you with. If you are seeking legal education, please visit my blog and YouTube channel for videos.

Client Reviews

My client said:

Mr. Benedict helped me with 2nd Amendment restoration issues and was fantastic. The judge even commented how it was the best trial brief and preparation for one of these types of hearings he has ever seen. I don’t think anyone else could have done a better job for me.

My client said:

Mr. Benedict worked hard and took my case seriously resulting in a win. His commonsense practical approach has proven effective.

My client said:

Matthew Benedict, does an amazing job, always answered all my concerns and question, In a timely manner, always goes above and beyond, he will fight for you, and he will get your point across, he will be by your side no matter what! He isn’t scared to take on the tough case like many other lawyers are, I called many and my case was too tough, but not Matthew, He gave me hope when others didn’t, I truly recommend Matthew! You will not regret having him by your side when you need it the most, I’m am truly grateful for all his help and all the hard work and long hours he put in to, help me with my case, to be able to see and be with my son! Thank you so much, Matthew.

My client said:

Mr. Matthew Benedict represented me for driving with a suspended license. He was with me from the start to finish. Mr. Benedict helped me get my license back with no points or charges. He was able to reduce my charge to a no operator’s license on hand. He went above and beyond to assist me and gather the information I probably would never do. I am very happy that I found him online through some web searches. His website and bio is what caught my attention. Very thorough and upfront – no hidden fees and affordable. I would choose him again, to represent me even if the situation was outside his practice :)I reached out to Matt a few months ago requesting assistance forming an LLC. Admittedly, I am a fast talker and tend to jump around topic-wise, especially when under stress. Also, I have worked in positions where my responsibilities commonly overlapped/required the assistance of attorneys and have not always had the best experiences. Matt took all this in stride. He was able to ease my nerves and went above and beyond to help me.

My client said:

Mr. Benedict helped me with my custody case. He was outstanding! He explained everything to me and helped me achieve having 50/50 custody of my son. I recommend him 100%.

My client said:

What I was most impressed with was his responses to my questions. Based on previous experience, I expected a short response; however, Matt would first answer my question, then he would explain to me the reasoning behind his answer and potential outcomes if I choose to go another route. He did so in a manner that I could easily understand and any additional questions which resulted were met with the same thorough and kind response. Furthermore, these answers were then typed up into word documents so that I may easily reference them later.

Matt, again surprised me when he went out of his way to provide me with non-legal assistance related to starting up a business, including recommending a YouTube channel showing how to design my website. This was not done during any charged time but rather, just because he wanted to help.

This type of service is hard to find and is so important when going through stressful circumstances. I whole heartily recommend Matt to anyone requiring legal assistance.